Administrator, career specialist join staff

Stritchko previously worked as a budget & policy analyst at the Department of Children and Families, a registered municipal advisor, an executive policy and budget analyst in the State Budget Office, and a program and policy analyst at the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.

She leads the La Follette School’s administrative team, which is responsible for the School’s operations and carries out human resources, payroll, budgetary, financial, and related duties.

For the past 10 years, Koko was the career and internship specialist for government, policy, international affairs and law for SuccessWork at UW–Madison’s College of Letters & Science. She assists graduate and undergraduate students in all aspects of their career development and application process and will continue her work with UW–Madison’s Wisconsin in Washington program, Law & Public Policy Working Group, and Government College Relations Council.

“The Kohl Initiative was instrumental in expanding our services through these positions,” said Director and Professor Susan Webb Yackee. “The new staff members bring a wealth of experience that will be integral as we expand our faculty, staff, and programs.”